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 Fiji’s Largest Nationwide Assessment of Coral Reefs


From May to August 2023, Fiji completed its largest nationwide assessment of coral reefs. The expedition began with community consultations with over 100 qoliqoli owners and communities to request permission to survey their waters. Throughout the expedition, teams of divers collected information on coral reef health, fish and macroinvertebrates, and water quality. Teams also placed 88 temperature loggers across Fiji to better track ocean temperatures through time.



The data from the expedition is still being processed and has not been released. Findings will provide baseline information about coral reef health, fish and invertebrate populations, and water quality. Data collected will not provide a stock assessment for any specific species. 


This information will build upon, not replace, extensive traditional and scientific knowledge and existing monitoring and research efforts in Fiji.


The information collected will help inform the best way to manage, protect, and sustainably use Fiji's oceans. The government will make the findings public in a report.

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Salome Tuimaloku from the Ministry of Fisheries, takes photos to create 3-D imagery of a coral reef. Photo by Joe Lepore, Waitt Institute.​


This effort was led by the Government of Fiji, with guidance from the Office of the Prime Minister through the Department of Environment and the Climate Change Division, Ministry of Fisheries, and the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, working in close collaboration with universities and non-governmental organizations including the University of the South Pacific (USP), World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), Conservation International (CI), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Uto Ni Yalo (UNY), Pacific Blue Foundation (PBF), CRIOBE, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and the Waitt Institute.


Divers studied coral reef habitats at 272 locations across the country and encountered almost 500 different species of fish, highlighting Fiji’s rich and diverse marine life.


  • Phase One surveyed 95 sites in the areas of Viti Levu, Beqa, Yanuca, Western Lomaiviti and the Yasawa group of islands

  • Phase Two surveyed 99 sites in the areas of Eastern Lomaiviti, Vanua Levu and Taveuni

  • Phase Three surveyed 78 sites in the Lau Seascape

FINAL_Expedition wrap up map.jpg


Blue Prosperity Fiji is a program to support a healthy ocean, thriving communities, and prosperous economies in Fiji. The program will focus on protecting ocean habitats while supporting ocean industries and sustainable fisheries. Led by the Government of Fiji, the Blue Prosperity Fiji program will incorporate community consultations, scientific research, and traditional knowledge to sustainably manage Fiji's ocean.

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