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Blue Prosperity Fiji Embarks On Ocean Science Expedition to Study Marine Life Across Fiji

Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Prosperity Fiji Team launch Ocean Science Expedition at Suva Yacht Club

Suva, Fiji - The Blue Prosperity Fiji programme is embarking on a large-scale ocean science expedition across Fiji to gain a better understanding of existing marine life and resources. This is the first nation-wide ocean science expedition to be undertaken in Fiji.

This effort will be led by the Government of Fiji and supported by local NGOs, the University of the South Pacific (USP), international scientists, and the Waitt Institute. The expedition begins in May and continues until the end of August.

The expedition offers local people information about their fishing areas. Do they think the environment is as productive as it used to be or is it the other way around. They can use this information to think about what they have done to try and look after the interest of future generations. It is this generation's responsibility to prepare for the well-being of future generations. ” said Dr. Joeli Veitayaki, Blue Prosperity Fiji Co-Principal Investigator for the Science Expedition.

The expedition will involve underwater research from a team of divers that will gather information about Fiji’s qoliqoli areas and coastal habitats. The data collected will provide insight on the state of these qoliqoli areas and their resources. The researchers will assess:

  • Coral health

  • Fish populations

  • Invertebrate populations (animals such as besch de mer, lobster, etc.)

  • Water quality

Prior to f the expedition, the Government and Blue Prosperity Fiji teams conducted extensive community consultations and cultural protocols including Sevusevu to ensure the appropriate permissions were given to survey each qoliqoli area.

By studying many areas across Fiji’s coastal habitats, researchers can better understand the status of Fiji’s ocean and marine resources. The Government and qoliqoli owners will use this information to make decisions about the best ways to manage and protect ocean resources to ensure a prosperous future for all people of Fiji.

Blue Prosperity Fiji is an opportunity for us, as Fijians, to have an improved understanding of our ocean, our resources and create a space to better navigate their development and protection,” said Arthur Sokimi, Blue Prosperity Fiji Country Manager.

Blue Prosperity Fiji is a programme to support a healthy ocean, thriving communities, and prosperous economies in Fiji. The programme will focus on protecting ocean habitats while supporting ocean industries and sustainable fisheries. Led by the Government of Fiji, the Blue Prosperity Fiji programme will incorporate community consultations, scientific research, and traditional knowledge to sustainably manage Fiji's ocean.

Follow updates from the Expedition on the programme’s Facebook and Instagram social media @blueprosperityfiji.

Research Vessel for the Blue Prosperity Fiji Ocean Science Expedition

Media Inquiries:

Ellen Spooner

Blue Prosperity Fiji Media and Strategic Communications Manager

+1(520) 429-5828

Arthur Sokimi

Blue Prosperity Fiji Country Manager

+679 (732) 7333

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