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Natural Resource Owners Committee Gathers to Advance Sustainable Nearshore Management

The Natural Resource Owners Committee (NROC)

Suva, Fiji – November 6th - 8th, the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs Cultural Heritage and Arts convened the Natural Resource Owners Committee (NROC) in a workshop to discuss topics relevant to nearshore resource management. The workshop brought together natural resource owners from across Fiji, the government, and non-governmental organizations to continue an open dialogue to advance the sustainable management of coastal marine resources.

"This workshop symbolizes an important step towards nurturing a resilient and prosperous future for Fiji’s ocean. By gathering key stakeholders and sharing information, we are not only advancing sustainable nearshore management but also empowering collaboration, which will enhance the stewardship of our precious marine resources. The discussions and shared learning throughout this workshop and the resource owners having their voices elevated have contributed to aligning our collective efforts to ensure a brighter future for the people of Fiji," stated Ifereimi Vasu, the Hon. Minister of iTaukei Affairs.

Attendees discussed ongoing projects and programs underway throughout Fiji and reviewed Marine Spatial Planning and other potential tools and approaches available to help communities reach their nearshore resource management goals.

The primary objectives of the Nearshore Management Workshop included:

  • Fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among stakeholders involved in nearshore management.

  • Engaging the Natural Resource Owners Committee to identify shared goals and ways forward.

  • Identifying existing efforts and projects to consider potential opportunities or needs that could be addressed through Marine Spatial Planning and related tools.

  • Developing concepts for advancing the nearshore management of coastal and marine resources that align with Fiji's National Ocean Policy and meet the needs identified by the Council.

The workshop was organized by the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs Cultural Heritage and Arts, the Natural Resource Owners Committee (NROC), the Ministry of Forestry and Fisheries, the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources, the Climate Change Division and the Ministry of Environment, led by the Office of the Prime Minister, Republic of Fiji, in collaboration with Blue Prosperity Fiji.

Attendees included representatives from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Conservation International (CI), International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Blue Prosperity Fiji (BPF), and the Waitt Institute.

Participants collaboratively identified the next steps to improve nearshore management of Fiji's coastal resources and the implementation of Fiji's National Ocean Policy.

About The Natural Resource Owners Committee (NROC) The Natural Resource Owners Committee (NROC) is an extension of the Center for Appropriate Technology and Development (CATD), a Fiji-based non-profit “charitable trust” under the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs. NROC is committed to building capacity within the iTaukei community to support the conservation and sustainable management of Fiji's coastal and marine resources.

About Blue Prosperity Fiji: Blue Prosperity Fiji is a program aimed at fostering a healthy ocean, thriving communities, and prosperous economies in Fiji. Led by the Government of Fiji, this program will focus on protecting ocean habitats while supporting sustainable fisheries and ocean industries. Blue Prosperity Fiji will incorporate community consultations, scientific research, and traditional knowledge to sustainably manage Fiji's ocean.

Media Inquiries: Kata Tawake National Resource Owners Committee Public Affairs Officer

Arthur Sokimi Blue Prosperity Fiji Country Manager +679 (732) 7333

Ellen Spooner Blue Prosperity Fiji Media and Strategic Communications Manager +1 (520) 429-5828

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